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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.
Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Transactions made on website of DCG Airport Taxi appear on your bank statement as transactions made to Dream Cars Gatwick Limited.

Affiliate Program

At this moment DCG Airport Taxi is open for cooperation with:
  • Private Hire Drivers,
  • Chauffeurs,
  • Private Hire (Minicab) Operators,
  • Taxi Drivers
  • Drivers who hold Driving Licence: D1, D.
We offer long term cooperation.

Benefits to cooperate with us:
  • Regularity of Orders
  • Long-distance Journeys
  • Quality Passengers
  • Work and Place Flexibility
  • No Radio Rent
  • Retour Job Possibility
  • Journeys to (from) Top Destinations: Ports, Airports and Stations
What to do to get affiliated as a driver/ chauffeur or private hire operator:
Getting affiliated is quick and easy. You have to scan all relevant documents and send them to our office via email. Once we receive your documents we confirm it to you. Then your personal information will be verified and if there are no concerns you will be explained our Terms and Conditions of Cooperation and Quality of Services Policy.

If everything is clear to you we will then registered you with DCG Airport Taxi. A contract of cooperation will be offered to you. All drivers receive from us login details to their profile, where they are able to check their job history and payments made or due to them.
Private hire drivers, taxi drivers and private hire operators receive from us in addition their login details to the job board from where they can access all available taxi orders waiting to be done. Drivers and operators, who are familiar with affiliation procedure already, can straightaway apply for registration by following steps mentioned at www.dcgairporttaxi.co.uk/work-with-us

All professionals interested in cooperation with DCG Airport Taxi and who require additional information are recommended to send an email to: affiliated@dcgairporttaxi.co.uk to find out more about affiliation procedure.
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