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We do focus on taking your requirements and striving to offer innovative solutions to your company that both maximise the service levels and lower the cost.

Corporate Shuttles

Shuttle services vary from one or two flights per week to complex programs that involve a number of aircrafts operating daily flights.

Empty Legs

Empty leg means that the aircraft is due to fly empty to its next charter location or back to its home airport. We can offer a range of last minute empty legs at a discounted price. Please inquire to: airtaxi@dcgairporttaxi.co.uk to find out about the empty legs option or to check for availability.

Groups Charter

All groups of Passengers differ in their interests. A sports team, orchestra or fashion show requires additional baggage space, special logistics, and sometimes also specific cargo facilities. Wide, narrow bodied aircraft, turboprops or regional jets are perfect travel solutions for those and these that cannot be accommodated on scheduled airlines.

Executive Charter

To the most demanding Passengers we advise executive charter services. In our offer there are among others:
  • Heavy executive jets – these are long range and spacious VIP jet aircrafts (10-50 seats).
  • Helicopters – most suitable for short distance flights (4–13 seats).
  • Light executive jets – are small VIP jet aircraft (4 – 8 seats).
  • Midsize executive jets – equipped and with standing height cabins (6 – 10 seats).
  • Piston aircrafts – the most affordable solution for small groups of travellers and short distances facilitated with unpressurised cabins (up to 10 seats).
  • Turboprops – affordable and cost effective, having two turboprop engines and pressurised cabins (7 – 29 seats).
  • VIP Executive Airliners – full sized airliners with VIP configuration (20 – 100 seats).
To find out more about our offer and availability, please mail us: airttaxi@dcgairporttaxi.co.uk or call us on (+44) 0 2081234547.
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