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Ebbsfleet International Station

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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.
Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Transactions made on website of DCG Airport Taxi appear on your bank statement as transactions made to Dream Cars Gatwick Limited.

Ebbsfleet International Station

Useful Information for all Travellers at Ebbsfleet International

All useful and practical information about the station, its facilities, attractions and activities you will find here: http://ebbsfleetintl.co.uk/

Ebbsfleet  - Practical Information for DCG Airport Taxi Passengers 


Pick-ups at Ashford International are always more hassle-free for Passengers with Meet and Greet services. These Passengers normally contact their driver and inform once have disembarked. The driver will next make sure that his/her Passengers are on the right way to the arrivals. Passengers distinguish DCG driver/ chauffeur by a DCG’s plate in his/ her hands with a name of the Passenger on.
All other Passengers are advised to come to the pick-up point. DCG drivers/chauffeurs make all efforts to navigate their Passengers to their vehicle, thus, call their Passengers on the numbers that were left during the bookings. DCG Airport Taxi offers exclusively pre-booked taxi services, thus, the Meet and Greet has to be booked in advance, prior to the pick-up. DCG Passengers hold a proof of their bookings and exact copy is stored by DCG administration.


Your driver/ chauffeur will always drop you off in a place that is the most convenient and safe for you to get off. Occasionally the drop off locations change due to construction works and our drivers may be not able to offer you the most convenient solution, please check with the station’s website for the most recent updates: http://ebbsfleetintl.co.uk/
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