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Heathrow Airport

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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Heathrow Airport

Heathrow Airport IATA code: LHR


Terminal 1: TW6 1AP
Terminal 2: TW6 1EW
Terminal 3: TW6 1QG
Terminal 4: TW6 3XA
Terminal 5: TW6 2GA

Town: Hounslow
Local autority area: Hillingdon

Heathrow – Useful Infromation

London Heathrow Airport, located only 15 miles west of Central London, is the largest airport in the UK and in Europe and the third largest in the world (if we count international passenger traffic). The airport has 5 terminals and two runways which are used by 90 airlines. It has a very comfortable road connection with the capital, as it is just nearby M4 (London-Bristol) and M25 (London bypass).

This enormous airport has a very interesting and rich history – it was a test site for newly constructed planes in the thirties. In 1943 it was a Royal Air Force Base, three years later it was given to civilian air operators - the first commercial flight departed from Heathrow. Airport’s name is derived from the name of a town that was demolished to make place for runways.

Airport terminal can be considered a shopping centre – the most famous clothing brands (Zara, Alexander McQueen, Bvlgari, Gucci) have their stores here. You can also buy exquisite alcohols and high end electronic devices or simply spend some time in one of the many restaurants. In Arrivals zone you can visit the World Shopping store, where you can buy small gifts.

Because Heathrow is one of the busiest airports in the world (with tens of millions of passengers every year), you should inform your carrier about the terminal you depart from. The airport is carefully and intuitively marked, so the travelers won’t get lost and get to their departure or arrival zone without any problem. Always contact your carrier before the flight to make sure which terminal you should visit. When you get to the proper terminal, you’ll see a bright yellow information screen containing the most important information about flights just by the entrance. When you arrive at Heathrow, always follow the signs leading to the Arrivals zone – they lead to passport control and baggage claim. When you transfer to a different flight at Heathrow, follow the “Flight Connections” signs.

If you have to spend some time at Heathrow, do not sit at the airport! We have some great recommendations for you and going to Central London is not your only option.

Slough – an old city with medieval landmarks, now an industrial centre (Amazon, Mars Incorporated and O2 Plc headquarters are located here).

Staines-upon-Thames – ancient city where Roman Legions led by Claudius fought with Britons. Today, it’s the HQ for many big companies, including Bulpa, Siemens Building Automation Division, British Gas and Wood Group Kenny.

Weybridge – historically significant town which now houses Sony Corporation and Toshiba Information Systems.

All Passengers travelling to Heathrow are kindly advised to visit the official website of the Heathrow Airport: http://www.heathrowairport.com
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