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London City Airport

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London City Airport


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London City – Background Information

This international airport cannot compete with Heathrow when it comes to the number of passengers or airlines using it. But it is located near the Central London (exactly 6.9 miles from it) in London Borough of Newham (formerly Docklands), on the bank of Thames, near Arena 02. It’s also very close to Canary Wharf, which is one of two (the second being City of London) important business centers of the capital. Due to its convenient localization, it is often chosen by people who wish to get to London very quickly. Furthermore, small size of the airport makes the check-ins, departures and arrivals  faster than in crowded Heathrow or Gatwick. Being between two business centers of England makes London City the favorite airport of business passengers, though it serves a few millions of other travelers yearly and this number is slowly growing. You can choose London City Airport to depart to the largest European cities and to New York.

London City Airport is a pretty new airport – it was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in 1987. It is worth noting that the runway is very short (only 1 mile) which makes it suitable only for a few types of planes. In 2013 the terminal served almost 3 million passengers and its further expansion is planned.

London City Airport is one of the most passenger-friendly airport, thanks to good marking and fast, pleasant service. It cooperates with large airlines, like British Airways and CityJet. What’s more, there is a couple of exchange points around the terminal, so you don’t have to worry if you forgot to exchange your currency for Pounds. Furthermore, free Wi-Fi is accessible all over the airport. The location is well guarded and to enhance the comfort of passengers, a Silent Airport Policy has been enforced. WHSmith (a store brand for airline passengers), a coffee house and a couple of restaurants can be found on the premises, and professional baggage handlers are there to help you with your luggage. Every facility and amenity was built to make passengers feel more comfortable and relaxed before their trip.

Not many flights from and to London City Airport are cancelled, it happens only in dire circumstances. Car rental and taxi stop is near the terminal. There are several types of car parks available, and all are situated by the main terminal. Every parking space can be booked beforehand. There are 8 hotels around the airport, including Premier Inn and Ibis London.

Drop-off area for departing passengers is located before the main entrance. To pick up arriving passengers, you should find a spot on a short stop car park. Remember –a car on a short-stop space has to be occupied!

Long wait for a flight in London City Airport is rather unusual, but if your flight is delayed, you’ll certainly find something to do. When in London, you have to visit the most famous and recognizable places in the city – Tower of London, Westminster Palace and Buckingham Palace. West End, Covent Garden and Oxford Street are also worth seeing.

To find out more about the London City Airport we advise you to visit its official website: http://www.londoncityairport.com/
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