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Stansted Airport


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Useful Information about the Stansted Airport - STN

One of the six London airports. Only Heathrow and Gatwick process more passengers. Stansted still grows to serve even more arrivals and departures. It’s a base of operations for Irish airlines Ryanair. Aside from commercial flights, the runway can be also used by private planes.

London Stansted Airport is pretty big and it is mainly used by budget airlines. It is located in Essex county, 30 miles north-west of London. It can be easily accessed using M11 motorway through exit no. 8. Trains, buses and taxis can be also used by passengers going to and from Stansted.

The airport was opened in 1943 and it was used as a base for Royal Air Force bombers and as a supply storage. It was a military base decades after the war. In 1960, a training facility for firemen was opened there. In 1966 the airport’s ownership has changed and it was accommodated for commercial flights. In the late 60’s first terminal, which was later expanded and upgraded, has been built. The present look of the airfield was designed from 1988 to 1991. Long-distance flights were serviced here from 1990, cancelled several times and brought back for good in 2005. Since that year, airport’s offer is still expanding and more airlines have their base in Stansted.

The airport meets all requirements and standards. It has several types of parking spaces, starting from the standard long and short stops to car parks suitable for meetings and for families with children. Short-stop spaces are, of course, are the closest ones. There is an option to book the parking space. Stansted is well guarded and strict security measures apply to all passengers and their luggage. ATMs, information desks, medical facilities, restaurants, stores, conference rooms, showers and smoking areas are some of the many amenities that can be encountered in Stansted. Internet kiosks and free Wi-Fi hotspots are also accessible. Car rentals and taxis are available 24/7. Check-ins are usually quick and painless. 

Stansted’s closeness to London gives an opportunity to visit the most famous landmarks and tourist attractions in the city, including: Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Trafalgar Square, National Gallery, Westminster Abbey etc. Get a minicab or a taxi to travel to your preferred destinations. It costs only a little firtune but is time-effective and hassle-free. There are many little taxi companies butt only one DCG Airport Taxi.

Always be informed, we advise you to visit the official website of Stansted Airport: http://www.stanstedairport.com
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