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Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions regard Dream Cars Gatwick (DCG), the Customer and the Passenger. The Customer is a party who makes the booking. The Passenger is a party who travels with DCG. A pick-up shall be understood as a moment of entering a pre-booked taxi of DCG. A drop off shall be considered as a time of leaving pre-booked vehicle by the Passenger. Journey is a trip between pick up and drop off.
1.1.  DCG reserves its rights to amend the Terms and Conditions at any time. All Customers and Passengers are advised to read the Terms and Conditions. It is a Customer’s/ Passenger’s responsibility to inquire about the most recent version of the document.
1.2.  DCG reserves its exclusive right to amend Passenger’s booking if the situation requires. If the trip cannot happen, DCG shall inform its Passengers. 



2.1. Pre-booking shall be required from all Customers wishing to travel with DCG. The pre-booking shall always include following information: Passenger’s name, time and place of pick-up and drop off, a valid telephone number of head Passenger. 
2.2. Within 12h, after a booking is made, a confirmation shall be received by the Customer in a form of text message and email. If you have not received your email confirmation, please check SPAM in your email box before requesting a new confirmation.
2.3. Images of vehicles presented on the website are for informational purposes only. No rights can be derived from these.
2.4. Special offers are valid for specific time period. Before making a booking please contact the Customer Service and make sure that the offer is valid.
2.5. The time presented on the route’s map is to inform about average time required to reach the destination. Please bear in mind that the journey can be longer due to external factors such as weather and traffic. All Customers are advised to wisely plan their journeys by adding spare time to their trips.
2.6. DCG reserves its right to amend the pre-booked service if the circumstances require it.
2.7. DCG advises all Customers to pre-book their taxi by leaving themselves a spare time to reach the pick-up location at the airport, port or railway station. DCG driver shall be on time to pick up his or her Passenger. DCG informs Customers that waiting at airports, ports and stations is not permitted, thus, Passengers shall always be at the pick-up location on time.
In favourable and normal conditions DCG shall strive to provide the service always on time, however, due to weather conditions, traffic or extraordinary circumstances delays in pick-ups might be unavoidable.


2.8. Booking fare shall be the only fare for the booked journey, unless the Customer makes changes in his/ her booking. There are no hidden or additional costs to the booking alone. DCG bears operational costs of all finalized journeys.
2.9. DCG offers e-payment as a payment method. This means that you can use all major cards to pay for your reservation. 
2.10. In case of e-payment on the Customer’s bank or card statement a payee name shall appear as the Dream Cars Gatwick.
2.11. DCG shall reserve its right to debit Customer’s account in cases when waiting feel applies or when there are other expenses related to the journey (e.g. property of DCG is ruined). About each such a transaction, DCG shall inform its Customers. 


2.12. On request and after the journey DCG may issue invoices. Preparing the invoice lasts on average up to 7 working days. Please contact our Customer Service for more information. 


3.1. Amendments to bookings should be reported to DCG Customer Service by phone or by email. In case of email amendments, the Customer shall receive response and confirmation emails in next 24 hours. 
3.2. Amendments regard updating of information with regards to: flight number, pick up time, contact details, Passenger’s information, adding additional via points, adding return journey to your booking, and changing either pick up or drop off location. For changing pickup or drop off location and for adding a via point, Customer is debited or credited accordingly.
3.3. In these terms and conditions amendment does not concern changing both pick up and drop off locations. If you want to change both pick up and drop off locations you will have to cancel your booking and bear the cancellation costs. Please see point 3.4. for more information. Amendment shall not be understood as an instance of informing Customer Service about potential cancellation.
3.4. A cancellation fee shall apply in cases of cancellation. For early cancellations (minimum 24 hours prior to the trip) you will be credited back to your account but the refund shall be diminished of the cancellation fee of 25%. Later cancellations (12 – 24 hours prior to the trip) shall diminish your refund of 50%. Any cancellation made within less than 12 hours of the journey’s start time will not be refunded. To all bookings paid by payment cards an operational fee of 3% shall always apply. If you requested your refund and your request has been accepted, you would receive a confirmation email that the refund has been made. Each refund query shall take 15 working days to be processed. The time when the refund shall be credited to your card depends on your card provider.
3.5. Once the booking is made and you wish to change basic information in your booking then the point 3.1., 3.2. and 3.3. shall apply. If you made your booking but for any reason you cannot start or continue your journey the point 3.4 shall apply. DCG does not offer amendment facilities in situations which do not fall in the category of amendments.
3.6. DCG offers pre-booked taxi services and with moment of booking arranges the trip. Individual Customers are informed that after the booking has been made only basic amendments or cancellations are possible.
3.7. Before contacting Customer Service Customers are advised first to read the terms and conditions.
3.8. Any booking made brings transaction costs to DCG. Please make sure that all your bookings are well thought. If any booking made by you is because of your mistake and we need to cancel it later, we will have to charge you the transaction costs that are normally brought to our account. As per January 2017 a transation cost for the one-way journey accounts for 3% and for the retourn journey - 4%.


4.1. Any unsatisfied Passenger may raise a concern or complaint. DCG receives complaints in writing. Once your complaint reaches DCG within 24h you will receive a confirmation email that your complaint has been received. Every complaint is treated very seriously and the investigation into the complaint shall proceed within 15 working days. 



5.1. DCG shall reserve its rights to reject its service to Passengers under influence of alcohol, drugs or who are offensive and violent towards their chauffeurs or Customer Service. DCG Customer Service will contact the Passenger and Customer to announce it. A simultaneous email will be send to the email address that was provided during the booking.
5.2. DCG drivers shall drive according to the speed requirements, safety measures, weather, road, and traffic conditions. DCG drivers shall not follow Passengers’ instructions regarding the speed of driving and route. 
5.3. DCG drivers use the safest route to the destination. 
5.4. DCG shall not deliver any illegal materials. DCG shall not deliver cash cheques, share certificates, bonds, and jewellery. 
5.5. DCG shall not deliver any hazardous or flammable substances and objects.


5.6. DCG chauffeurs willingly offer a helpful hand to Passengers with heavy luggage or mobility problems for example. However, the courtesy is never a mandatory service and all Passengers willing to travel with us, and who request more help and attention, shall inform us about it prior to their journey. 


5.7. DCG drivers shall wait for their passengers 15 minutes free of cost in places other than airports, ports and stations. After this time a waiting charge shall apply.
5.8. At airports, ports and stations Passengers without Meet and Greet service are advised to be at pick up location on time of pick up as waiting time fee shall apply at these locations. If the waiting fee shall apply, the chauffeur will inform the Passenger about it and report it to DCG Customer Service. Customer Service agent will debit Customer’s account accordingly and send a confirmation. DCG drivers are informed of when a Passenger is supposed to arrive since follow the information board regarding the flight/travel. If Passenger’s flight, train or cruise ship shall be late, DCG drivers know about it and launch their journeys to the pick up only when ensured that a Passenger shall be there by the time they arrive. The waiting fee shall apply in situations when it shall be clear that this is a Passenger’s exclusive responsibility of not coming on time. Not knowing the station, airport, port or harbour shall not be an excuse.
5.9. The waiting time of 45 minutes shall apply at airports, ports and stations only for those Passengers who order a Meet and Greet service. 
5.10. Airport, port and station transfers shall be cancelled automatically, and not refunded, after 60 minutes of waiting time in case when there is no contact with the Passenger but it is evident that the Passenger arrived at specific airport, port or station. 


5.11. DCG shall apply a non-smoking policy in all its vehicles. 
5.12. DCG shall reassure a guarantee of timely, safe and comfortable delivery of goods and persons. 


5.13. DCG drivers shall drive in accordance with final booking confirmation. Changes and amendments shall be announced to the Customer Service prior to the journey. A change in the fare shall apply. 
5.14. Passengers’ belongings found in vehicles shall remain in DCG office for 12 months. After this time, if there is no claim from the side of Passenger or Customer, the property shall be destroyed. DCG drivers are not obliged to deliver any found goods to their owners.


5.15. DCG drivers are in possession of comprehensive car insurance. These however, do not cover any damage or loss of personal belongings of Passengers. Thus, in any situation, DCG is not held responsible for any damage to Passengers’ belongings. 
5.16. DCG shall apply charges to any damage caused to the property of DCG by a Passenger. This is the Customer who will be bound to cover the expenses.


5.17. DCG chauffeurs are to deliver safe and on time service to their Passengers. Thus, it is forbidden to misbehave towards them or disturb them during the journey. A legal action shall be taken against any action of violence or unjustified misbehaviour towards our drivers. In case of concerns related to our chauffeurs, the Passenger is obliged to inform our Customer Service as soon as possible. 


6.1. DCG shall not share personal data of its Customers with any third party.  
6.2. According to the Reigate Banstead requirement, a booking detail of a passenger shall be saved for 12 months in the system of travel operator. Thus, DCG shall keep the details in this period.
6.3. For full version of Privacy Policy refer to the document “Privacy Policy”. 
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