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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.
Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Edinburgh Airport

Edinburgh Airport is located at Ingliston in the City of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is the fifth busiest airport in the United Kingdom and the Airport code is EDI.

The Airport started in 1915. In 1918, the Royal Air Force was formed and the airfield was named RAF Turn house and ownership transferred to the Ministry of Defense. In 1997, RAF Turn house was finally closed. Currently, it was operated by GIP. Airlines that operate out of the Airport, include the Air Canada Rouge, Air Lithuania, etc. These airlines operate flights to United Kingdom, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, and other places in the world.

There are a five-storey car park and one terminal. Facilities are available in the check-in hall, arrival hall and departure halls. The two runways at the Airport can handle most commercial airlines; it has sixteen check-in desks and one hotel, to cater to passengers’ needs.

Taxi, Bus or Rail services are available at the airport. From Edinburgh Airport, a cab to the city center takes about 20 minutes and costs about £20. Shuttle to Waverley Steps costs £3.50 one-way or £6.00 return. A single ticket is £1.30. A one-week ticket costs £16 and for rail, it is available for bookings. The cheapest taxis only with DCG Airport Taxi – remember to book prior to your journey!

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