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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.
Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Norwich International Airport

Norwich International Airport located in Norwich, Norfolk in England being position 29th in the rank of being busy in the UK. It started off as a military aerodrome during the First World War. In the year 2007 Norwich airport set up a development fee where each traveler pays 10pounds. Majority stakeholders of the airport is the Rigby group.

It has only one runway, which is 1841 meters lengthwise with the other smaller one, closed off in 2006 now turned to a taxiway. There are nine parking bays for aircrafts mainly commercial ones.

The airport hosts airlines like Air Malta, BH Air, Eastern Airways and many more playing to different routes like Edinburgh, Amsterdam etc. Various operators are based at Norwich i.e. Bond Helicopters, East Anglian air ambulance, Saxon Air Charter and others.

From the airport, one can board a bus to Norwich city center which takes about two minutes. The airport is not served by a railway line with the closest station being four miles away, but taxis are readily available at any given time. Majority of the surrounding areas are housing areas, but services like bars, restaurants etc. can be accessed easily at Norwich city center. Airport transfers are available to all passengers even those who have higher transport demands such as the users of wheelchair or those who prefer to travel by limousines and minibuses or coaches. Please bear in mind that we do offer all these services but for the safety measures (we control each vehicle prior to commencing the journey to make sure that it is fit to drive) chosen services have to be always pre-booked.

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