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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Asmara International Airport

Asmara International Airport is located 8 kilometers southeast of Eritrea capital city Asmara. The code of airport previously known as Yohannes IV International Airport is ASM.

The airport was opened in 1922 for military purposes and years later started to offer commercial flights. It took a lot of time to renovate it after massive destruction during World War II.

The airport is served by 8 domestic and international carriers including EgyptAir (Cairo), Qatar Airways (Doha) and Turkish Airlines (Istanbul). Local airlines offer flights to neighboring Sudan, Yemen etc.

Due to the close proximity to the city and small runaway airport has a few restrictions, except parking for taxi Asmara International Airport. The number of restaurants in single terminal is quite limited. The closest hotels such as Asmara Palace and Crystal Hotel are located in Asmara city reachable by Airport taxi Asmara International Airport.

Bus 1 departing from airport goes to the zoo in Biet Ghiorghis via main streets in central Asmara. The bus fare starts from 1 Nakfa, duration of journey is 30-40 minutes. Airport taxi Asmara International Airport and booked cheap taxi is faster. The ride by taxi from Asmara International Airport cost about 50 Nakfa, taxi service ride takes 30 minutes. Better to discuss taxi to Asmara International Airport fee before.

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