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Chișinău International Airport

Chișinău International Airport lies 13 kilometers away from Chișinău in the middle of Moldova on the Bic River. The airport code is recognized as KIV.

The airport facilities were ready to receive flights in 1926. Years after official inauguration, passenger terminal was constructed to become the primary gateway to Moldova from outside world.

Around 15 international air carriers (Aeroflot, Austrian Airlines, fluDubai, Wizz Air) transport travelers to and from Chișinău Airport. Flag airline Air Moldova that based headquarters here serves at least 20 European destinations.

Facilities include terminal building modernized in 2002, runway 3.5km long and taxi service. Temporary car park for airport taxi Chișinău International Airport is capable to accommodate 260 vehicles. Travelers are free to book taxi to Chișinău International Airport, take their time at Business and Premium Lounges. Nearby hotels (Club Royal Park Hotel, Edem Hotel) provide decent accommodation by airport taxi Chișinău International Airport.

Express Bus and cheap taxi connects airport to Dimitrie Cantemir Square in the center of Chi?in?u (20 minutes). Buses run every 40 minutes from 7 am until 7 pm. Taxi from Chișinău International Airport drivers charge passengers from 80 leus, taxi Chișinău International Airport takes 15-minute drive. 

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