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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Florence Airport

Florence Airport (Peretola) lies 4 kilometers to the northwestern direction of Florence, the capital city of Italian district Tuscany. The airport code is known as FLR.

In early thirties Italian military chose locality close to Florence to become a new airfield. Named after legendary sailor Amerigo Vespucci, Florence airport steadily increased passenger traffic and attracted more and more air carriers.

These days it receives flights of around 20 international and domestic airlines. Passengers from European countries travel to Florence by Air Berlin, KLM, Iberia, British Airways, Vueling, Lufthansa and others.

Florence Airport is rather small comparing to other Italian airfields. Facilities include one terminal, runway 1.7km long and stand for airport taxi Florence Airport. First 15 minutes of parking for taxi to Florence Airport are free; 1-hour fee is €2. Passengers can book a cheap taxi, have a meal at various eateries such as Spizzico, My Chef and A-Café and book a room at nearby hotels (Hotel Inn, Airport Florence Hotel and Hilton Hotel) reachable by airport taxi Florence Airport.

Those who wish to get to the city by bus can board shuttle service Volainbus (20 minutes, €6). Official taxi service for the travelers is outside the terminal. The taxi from Florence Airport to Florence center lasts 15 minutes, taxi Florence Airport costs from €20.

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