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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Glasgow International Airport

Glasgow International Airport is situated 2 kilometers to the northeastern direction of Glasgow in Montana State, United States of America. The code of airport is known as GGW.

The first airport facilities appeared to be finished in 1942. Initially known under the name of Glasgow Army airfield, Glasgow airport was mainly used for military training purposes.

Air carriers Cape Air and Silver offer scheduled non-stop service to Billings. Due to the small capacity, passenger traffic does not exceed 5000 people per year.

Airport facilities include passenger terminal, two runways 1.5km long each and area for airport taxi Glasgow International Airport. Parking lot is available for private vehicles and taxi to Glasgow International Airport. Passengers may book cheap taxi, buy some snacks and have a rest at hotels within walking distance (Holiday Inn, Ramada Glasgow Airport) reachable by airport taxi Glasgow International Airport.

The best option for travelers to get to the city center is taxi from Glasgow International Airport. Taxi service drivers charge around 10$ for the short ride. Taxi Glasgow International Airport fares for other destinations around the state have to be discussed before.

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