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Houari Boumediene Airport

Houari Boumediene Airport lies 17 kilometers southeast of the Algeria’s capital Algiers in the area of Dar El Beida.  The code of the airport is ALG.

The history of the Houari Boumediene Airport dates back to 1924. During the World War II it witnessed a lot of violent combats being the strategic goal for both sides. Later it was named in honor of Algeria’s president Houari Boumediene and became the primary transport hub of Algeria.

There are 20 airlines such as Air France, British Airways, EgyptAir, Iberia and Lufthansa operating to the various cities in Europe, Asia, Middle East and Africa. The national carrier Air Algerie based here offers frequent flights to nearly 40 destinations.

The capacity of international and domestic terminal is 6 million and 2.5 million passengers accordingly. In addiction, the airport has two runaways 3.5 km long each, 2 helicopter pads and stand for Airport taxi Houari Boumediene Airport. The parking area for taxi to Houari Boumediene Airport consists of long-term and short-term parking. There are plenty international chain restaurants and cafes such as Tutti Frutti, Sahara café and Tanit restaurant. Passengers can order taxi Houari Boumediene Airport, book a room at nearest Hilton, Sheraton, El haurassi and other luxury hotels reachable by Airport taxi Houari Boumediene Airport.

Public buses service connects Houari Boumediene Airport to the capital city. The journey lasts 30 minutes, fare is 50 Dinars. Taxi from Houari Boumediene Airport are waiting for the passengers outside the terminals, taxi service ride takes 25 minutes, cheap taxi fare starts from 600 Dinars.

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