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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Luxembourg Findel Airport

Luxembourg Findel Airport lies 6 kilometers from Luxembourg City in Western Europe. The airport code is recognized as LUX.

Previously called Sandweiler Airport, Luxembourg Findel Airport was established in 1930. During Germany invasion in times of World War II was not used until 1944.

The airport receives flights from Lisbon, Amsterdam, Istanbul, Barcelona, London, Zurich and so on. Flag carrier Lux Air that serves the main European cities generates most passenger traffic.

Due to the overcrowding, the old terminal was demolished and replaced by modern. The extremely long runways 4km long can handle even the largest aircrafts. Parking vouchers for airport taxi Luxembourg Findel Airport give an access to more than 2000 car parking spaces for taxi to Luxembourg Findel Airport. Passengers can book taxi service, rest at terminal eateries (Fischer bakery, Panoramio Airport) and book an accommodation (Ibis Hotel, Campanile Hotel) by airport taxi Luxembourg Findel Airport.

Regular bus lines 16, 9, 114 and 117 provide easy access to the city center for 15-30 minutes. Automatic ticket machines can be found in Arrival Hall. The ride by taxi from Luxembourg Findel Airport takes around 15 minutes, taxi Luxembourg Findel Airport fares starts from €30 depending on a destination by cheap taxi

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