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Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport

Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport lies 16 kilometers away from Minneapolis and Saint Paul in Minnesota State, United States of America. The code of airport is MSP.

The airport was built in 1921 on the former racetrack fields. Formerly known as Word-Chamberlain Field in honor of two American pilots, it received its current name only decades later.

20 air carriers bringing passengers from Canada (Air Canada), Europe (Virgin Atlantic) and other American cities serve the airport. Delta Airlines and Air Canada generate most traffic.

The airport consists of two passenger terminals, four runways from 2.4 to 3.4km long and area for airport taxi Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. Minimum daily charge for private vehicles and taxi to Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport parking is 22$. Passengers may book cheap taxi, order some drinks and meal at numerous eateries such as Granddaddy’s, Farmer’s Market, Mimosa and TGI Fridays. Those who wish to relax may head to the closest hotels by airport taxi Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport.

Minneapolis airport offers wide range of public transportation like city buses (45 minutes) and taxi from Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport. Train service links airport to 15 other destinations in Minneapolis and Mall of America. Taxi Minneapolis–Saint Paul International Airport fare starts from 40$ to Minneapolis and 50$ to Saint Paul. Duration of trip by taxi service depends on a traffic.

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