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San Diego International Airport

San Diego International Airport stretches 5 kilometers to the northwestern point of San Diego center in California State, United States of America. The code of airport is known as SAN.

The first plans to establish the airport near San Diego were announced by officials in 1928. During the first years, not only civil carriers, but also air forces jets and seaplanes used the airfield.

More than 20 airlines transport passengers to Canada (Air Canada), UK (British Airways), Japan (Japan Airlines) and American destinations. Most travelers fly to London, Mexico City and Toronto.

The airport comprises of three terminals, runway 2.8km long and airport taxi San Diego International Airport. The parking zone for private vehicles and taxi to San Diego International Airport is available from 13 to 38$ per day. Passengers can book cheap taxi and order some drinks at various eateries such as Warwick’s and CamdenFood. The closest accommodation (Sheraton Hotel, Holiday Inn) is easy to get by airport taxi San Diego International Airport.

Buses (20 minutes) and taxi San Diego International Airport serve the route from airport to San Diego. The taxi from San Diego International Airport to downtown costs around 12$. The taxi service drivers promise passengers to reach destination in 15 minutes. 

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