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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Skopje Airport

Skopje Airport was founded 17 kilometers to the southeast away from Skopje city, national capital of Macedonia Republic. The airport code is SKP.

The first civilian flights linked Skopje Airport with Belgrade in 1929. Frequently called Alexander the Great Airport, it was named after the ancient king of Macedonia and a member of royal dynasty.

Skopje Airport has agreements with 17 air carriers such as Air Serbia, Croatian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Pegasus Airlines and Wizz Air. The primary transport hub of Republic welcomes travelers from Zurich, Zagreb, Vienna, Istanbul, Dubai and Rome.

The airport is equipped by runway 2,9km long, one passenger terminal and airport taxi Skopje Airport. Fare for parking per hour for taxi to Skopje Airport is 70 denars; more than 1200 marked spaces for taxi Skopje Airport are available. Passengers can take their time at Cooky Moon Café, Beerport Pub, Burger King and Café Inn. The closest accommodation is offered by Hotel City Park, Gold Hotel and others by airport taxi Skopje Airport.

Vardar Express Bus delivers passengers from the airport to Skopje city center (150 denars, 30 minutes). If booked in advance, taxi from Skopje Airport should cost no more than 1600 denars by cheap taxi. The journey time for taxi service is 20 minutes. 

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