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Remember to mention country code while inserting telephone number.

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Tivat Airport

Tivat Airport lies 3 kilometers away from coastal resort Tivat in southwestern Montenegro. The airport code is known as TIV.

The airport witnessed first civil flights in 1957. First decades it was served by domestic airlines only, however, was reopened in 1971 and started to operate at full capacity.

The airport has agreements with around 25 international air carriers. Most of them (Windrose, Belavia, Ural Airlines, UAI) bring passengers from Europe and Russia during high tourist season.

Facilities include passenger terminal (overcrowded during peak time), 2.5km long runway and airport taxi Tivat Airport. Passengers who wish to leave their car for taxi to Tivat Airport can use parking voucher. There are few snack bars (Café Negro), shops inside the terminal and cheap taxi. The closest accommodation is offered by Regent Hotel, Palma Tivat Hotel, Magnolia Tivat Hotel and Astoria Hotel by airport taxi Tivat Airport.

There are regular bus connections and taxi Tivat Airport between Tivat airport and coastal cities Tivat, Budva and Kotor. The journey takes at least 30 minutes depending on a final destination. Taxi from Tivat Airport drivers accept only cash payment and charge at least €15 for the taxi service ride. 

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